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Goodbye guesswork, hello data-driven decisions.

Your gut instincts are all you need to make many decisions, like choosing what to wear in the morning or trying a new dish at your favorite restaurant. But when it comes to making strategic decisions for your organization, you probably want more to work with than just a hunch.

Time Clock Go’s reporting software makes it easy to generate detailed reports on almost any data in your core time and attendance system with just a few clicks. From workforce planning to approval tracking, our full reporting gives you the data you need to move forward with confidence (instead of a gut feeling). We can help you analyze data instead of compile it, be proactive instead of reactive, and turn your Time Clock Software into the strategic resource it was meant to be.

Take more than a shot in the dark.

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No more playing catch-up with data and reports.

Another day, another surprise meeting with the executive team—and they love to look at the numbers. When you’re working with a tight deadline, you hardly have time to find and gather all of your HR & Time Clock data, let alone analyze it and form a conclusion. But that’s exactly the kind of information that could have a huge impact on your organization.

Good thing Time Clock Go puts easy, beautiful reports at your fingertips. We can help you generate a variety of analytics reports in a matter of minutes, so you can make strategic, proactive decisions—just in time for that last-minute meeting.

Save yourself time and money.

Without an automated time and attendance system, professionals spend an average of 17 hours each week creating reports, according to one estimate. If you ask us, that’s a lot of valuable time going to waste. But we can help you win it back.

With Time Clock Go, you only need a few minutes to gather data, generate a report, and share it with your team. Our reporting tool allows you to create reports for workforce planning, PTO usage, and more whenever you need them.

HR & Time reporting that fits your organization.

To get you started, our core HR system includes a library of report templates for you to use. From headcount and EEO-1 reports to time cards and workforce metrics, we have you covered with all the basics.

But we know HR reports aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution. With the power of Microsoft SSRS, you can go beyond the template library to create your very own custom reports that show you exactly what you need. This means you can take a deeper dive into your organization’s time data and make decisions tailor-made for your people.

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